Stories From Families

“My 6 year old grandson was diagnosed with ALL B Cell Leukemia and was treated at Vanderbilt. His little sister is 3 years old and has been through a lot. We are so glad that you thought of these little troopers too. Cancer affects the whole family. Thank you so much.” – Peggy

“Receiving the Cooper Trooper Kit for Ayven’s siblings was wonderful! Not only did the kits brighten their spirits, but it also helped them feel recognized during a time when a lot of attention and concern was being put on their sister. We really enjoyed the book that came in the kit!  It unexpectedly helped open the doors of communication with our three year old about what was going on with her baby sister.We are truly grateful that our girls were Cooper Trooper Kit recipients.” -Kim, Schenectady, NY

“Taylor the Tornado” (battling Neuroblastoma)-His 7 siblings received a kit….”They were all so excited to see a package in the mail for them! I really can’t thank you enough! The little ones are going to wear their shirts to school tomorrow and take their books, so the teachers can read them to the classroom. I absolutely love the book “my name is jack” that comes in the kits…It has really helped my five and eight year olds! They really felt special.” – Scott and Gina, Bronson, MI

Taylor's sibs

Thank you so very much. The kids were all so excited. This truly means the world to Camron’s sisters and baby brother. Angelina (7) said,  “aw mom this is so awesome! I feel so special that they think I am such a good big sister!” Nevaeh (5) said, “even though Camron has cancer, we are pretty cool too!” Camron was so excited for them! He is used to getting things sent for him and the excitement he had for his siblings was amazing! We really can’t thank you enough!  -Angelina, Nevaeh, and Isaiah, Virginia

Siblings pic- CTF